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Danna Crawford, aka The Power Selling Mom

As an eBay Certified Business Consultant and Educator, I can help you learn how to sell on eBay! Better yet, I can teach you how to make money on eBay! Since 1997, I've been an eBay Top Rated Powerseller, eBay Consignment Seller & eBay Consultant. I am also the Director of Customer Education and Affiliate Marketing at WorthPoint, Inc. Selling on eBay is how, as a single mom, I paid my bills and took care of my 3 kids. E-commerce is my passion! Tune into my podcast "Flip It or Skip It" found on all podcast players. Join me on a local Treasure Hunt or at an eBay Workshop near you! Get social with me on Instagram/DannaCrawford, Facebook/DannaCrawford1, or just google Danna Crawford - aka Power Selling Mom! Thanks for stopping by. Danna